Continuing care innovation: digital health and care congress

27th July 2018 by Yvonne Adebola

We were delighted to attend this year’s Digital Health and Care Congress, hosted by the King’s Fund with an array of health and care policy, clinical and management senior leaders. The focus was on bringing leading health and care experts together in order to shape how the NHS evolves into a digital first organisation that continues to put the best care for patients at a priority.

We were especially excited to attend a session led by Tracey Cole, Head of Continuing Health Care and Complex Care, detailing a project digitising the process of arranging continuing individual care services which supports patients who are severely affected by illness, injury or disability.

Continuing care is required by small percentage of patients yet currently presents a large cost burden on the national health system. Continuing healthcare assessments form a core component in the monitoring of health status and delivery of care to such patients, but these crucial assessments involve multi-disciplinary team coordination and heavily involve the use of paper and telephone in standard methods for communication.

Health and care professionals at times overwhelmed with the mounds of paperwork central to continuing care processes are hindered in their ability to give the best care, this is a key example of a problem where the use of technology can improve efficiency in standard care processes. Therefore, it was great to hear how in their case study the use of continuing healthcare assessment software (CHC2DST) transformed continuing community care. The use of the software assessment services to carers, patients and staff resulted in improved services, particularly a increase in decision making and accuracy.

With recent information from the WHO on how low quality health services are holding countries across all income levels back from improving health, we are pleased to hear about innovations that are making care better here and around the world.

Other sessions at the congress covered:

• Collaboration with NHS organisations during development • Evaluation of improvements in quality and performance and cost reductions • Engaging with the NHS innovation pathway- a complex landscape • The challenges of product adoption in the NHS

You can access all speaker's slides by downloading the King’s Fund app here.