Fax machine security loophole exposed

21st August 2018 by Yvonne Adebola

The use of fax machines leave several companies vulnerable to cyber-attack according to a report by IT security firm Check Point.

Many fax machines have 1980s communication protocols which are missing key internal security measures unlike newer technologies. Several fax machines also operate as photocopiers and printers which are connected to an internal network which gives potential for hackers to send fake image data for malicious purposes to break into the corporate network. As a result, tens of millions of companies are potentially at risk of a security breach.

The NHS is a notoriously widespread user of fax machines with 9000 in operation at the last estimate and their use is also prevalent in government agencies, banks and in courts.

We believe the NHS's heavy reliance on these outdated technologies are an accident waiting to happen. Keeping information safe should be a top priority for us all in the information age. That's why medCrowd, the instant messenger for health and care was specifically designed to protect confidential information to the required standards. We hope this new research will encourage organisations to adopt technologies that keep private information safe.

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