The use of non-compliant tech is a data breach waiting to happen.

26th April 2017 by Dr Felix Jackson

Instant messaging platforms, particularly Whatsapp, are widely used by doctors and clinical teams for quick and easy communications, but they are not compliant with NHS information governance requirements.

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption not enough

Though apps like WhatsApp and similar technologies boast of end-to-end encryption, this doesn’t mean much in the real world. Messages can too easily be sent to the wrong contacts; people can pick up unlocked devices – or even bypass your passwords. When you’re dealing with confidential medical information, these are all circumstances that could result in a serious data breach.

Teams want communications tools

In a recent BMJ Innovations study of junior doctors by Dr Georgina Gould and Dr Ramin Nilforooshan, it was demonstrated that 80% of respondents felt that messaging technologies improved their team relationships and broke down traditional hierarchies, making overall communication more effective.

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