Matt Hancock wages war on 'outdated tech'

12th September 2018 by Yvonne Adebola

Having flagged that the use of old and non-compliant tech in the NHS was an "accident waiting to happen" medCrowd welcomes the new health secretary, Matt Hancock’s firm commitment to dealing with unsafe communication technologies in the NHS.

At last week’s NHS Expo, he warned that current IT systems used within the Trust are "downright dangerous" and risking the lives of patients. He also pledged to bring the NHS into the 21st century as he launched a “bonfire of the fax machines and waged war on outdated technology".

Hancock’s drive to update NHS technology echoes the campaign our Founder Dr Felix Jackson has been leading to highlight how the lack of safe, efficient technology for patient information in the NHS hinders the work of health and care professionals in delivering the best care.

Hancock also highlighted as a major issue the fact that patients do not have control over their own data and that, for example, your hospital cannot see your GP record.

Additionally the widespread use of paper in the NHS was discussed with the inefficiencies it causes. Here at medCrowd we've been excited to see various innovations to fill these gaps, including our own safe and compliant messaging technology which is designed to seamlessly integrate with electronic care records.

Hancock’s initial appointment to office included a commitment to improving technology within the NHS as a top priority and he is now officially waging war on all outdated technologies. As people continue to innovate to fill the gap, it is important to develop user-friendly systems that keep confidential information safe. As Dr Jackson warned recently in The Pharmatimes, a digital gold rush could harm healthcare.

With confirmed political commitment backed by funding from various streams, we look forward to being part of the safer future delivering the best care for everyone!

“Health and care workers deserve - and urgently need - an efficient way to communicate, one which is appropriate to the pace at which the modern world operates.” – Dr Felix Jackson, Founder of medCrowd.

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