medCrowd feature update: Invite members from your phone and email contacts to medCrowd

29th November 2018 by Asimina Pantazi

alt As a healthcare professional, you are part of a constantly growing team, dedicated to delivering the best care to patients. You may have started using medCrowd to keep everyone in touch, however some people in your team may not be familiar with it. Why should they miss out?

There are simple ways to invite anyone in your professional network to join either a Team or an individual Conversation:

•Send them an email or text invitation to download medCrowd.

•Alternatively, directly invite them to join a Team or a Conversation. You can do this by just selecting their name from the list of contacts in your phone, or by typing in their phone number or email address yourself. If they are not already registered on medCrowd, they will receive an invite and will be able to join immediately! The link will direct them to sign up and once they do, they will be automatically added to the Team or Conversation you invited them to.

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From that point on, they will be able to experience all the features of medCrowd and start interacting with colleagues instantly, in a compliant way.

By Tea Meneghetti