medCrowd feature update: Teams or Conversations?

6th November 2018 by Tea Meneghetti

alt What is the difference between Teams or Conversations? This is a question we often get, as medCrowd allows you to both join teams and create conversations, each with its own set of features.

On WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you can talk to a single person or create a group of people you want to talk to.

On medCrowd we take this a step further. While you can still create a conversation with one or more people (similar to a WhatsApp group chat), you can also create a Team.
A Team is different – it’s a space to create and gather several conversations with the same group of people. You can have many separate conversations within one Team, and all Team members will be able to see them and join in.

You can create a Team by choosing a title, a description, a header image and inviting one or more people. A Team can be public or private – it can be visible to selected members only, or you can let any user apply to join.

Think of Teams as a way to have many separate group chats with people from the same group (be it your co-workers, experts in your therapy area, or even your patients).
By using medCrowd, you can keep your Team members engaged across several conversations.