medCrowd feature update: admins

19th February 2019 by Asimina Pantazi

alt Every Team on medCrowd has at least one admin, who is the conversation initiator, or more.

The admin has a range of privileges: it is the person who can add or remove members from the Team, withdraw comments, change Team banner and logo, set privacy settings, and save or export all the conversations in .pdf or .xls format. All these features can be accessed from the cog icon in both Teams and Conversations:alt

Additionally, only admins can assign and revoke others’ admin rights: to do that on desktop, just open up the Team page. The “administrator” column has a tick box to show who is and isn’t an admin. If you amend the privileges, there is no need to save anything – settings are automatically updated when you tick or untick boxes.


If you are using the medCrowd app, go onto the team page and tap on "view and invite team members". From there, find the person you would like to extend privileges to and tap on the orange cog icon next to their name.

If you are an admin yourself, you will have the option to assign other admins, or remove them from the team. When a new admin is created, the admin icon pops up next to their name:alt