medCrowd feature update: closing conversations

12th September 2019 by Asimina Pantazi

alt If you’ve tried medCrowd, you will probably know this already – it offers lots of flexibility when starting conversations. You can invite participants and remove them anytime, if needed. If you’re the conversation starter, you can also export your content, change the title and description at any point, and add files for everyone to access or download.

But what to do when a conversation has run its course, and you’d like it to be closed to new answers? Simple – you close it.


I didn’t mean to close a conversation – can I undo this?

Yes, absolutely. Simply return to the settings tab on the blue cog icon and you’ll see “re-open conversation”. You’ll be able to re-open and re-close a conversation as many times as you want, which can be useful especially if a conversation is time-sensitive.

I don’t want to close a conversation I started, I just want to remove it from my feed

That’s okay. Your best bet in this case is to transfer the conversation to someone else. If you’re the conversation starter, the blue cog icon will display a “Transfer Conversation” setting. Simply choose another participant (who wants to be in the conversation). They’ll now become the conversation starters, and will easily be able to remove you from the participant list.

I’ve closed a conversation and it’s gone from my home page – where did it go?

Your medCrowd home page normally displays a feed of all live conversations. In order to keep your experience smooth and intuitive, closed conversations are automatically hidden: to see them again, simply filter your view on the right-hand side tab on your homepage, and choose “Show Closed”. You’ll also be able to find all closed conversations within every team page, as they won’t be hidden from the individual team page they’re included in.