medCrowd feature update: managing notifications

13th August 2019 by Asimina Pantazi

alt As you start joining conversations on medCrowd, you might want to manage the number and type of notifications you receive.
Notifications are “on” by default, and you can find them on your medCrowd homepage by clicking the orange bell icon:


You will get a notification whenever someone comments in a conversation you’re part of, someone accepts your invitation to join a team, you’re invited to a team or conversation, or someone mentions you. If the icon is greyed out, it means you don’t have any new notifications!

If you have the medCrowd mobile app (which you can download from either Google Play or Apple stores), you will also receive mobile notifications about activity on medCrowd. The app will automatically log you out for security reasons, but don’t worry – you’ll still be getting notifications on your device.

If you’d like to manage notifications for a particular conversation, simply open the conversation and choose the blue cog icon next to the conversation title. You can then filter your preferences in the Notifications tab. The "on/off" slider allows you to choose the type of notifications that suit you best, and they can be switched on and off at any time!