medCrowd feature update: managing your teams from the mobile app

30th October 2019 by Anna Tzani

Do you have the medCrowd app on your mobile device? It’s free to download from the Apple App store or Google Play store, and it will allow you to join a conversation with your healthcare team when you’re on the go!

We’ve recently released a much-requested feature update: team management from the app. When you’re using medCrowd from the web, the cog icon next to the team title!allows you to change the team name and description, select visibility and more.

You can now do all of the following from the mobile app! From the app home page, you can swipe left or tap the menu icon on the upper left-hand corner!

Once you open the team you want to make changes to, simply tap on it. You will see a screen similar to the below, with a banner image, team title and description. The bottom tab allows you to switch between team details and conversations.

You’ll notice the upper right-hand corner has two icons: an orange cog button, and a files icon. The latter is where all team files can be viewed and shared. The orange cog button will take you to the team settings:
alt The Upload files button will allow you to upload and share files from your device. These will then be accessible by all team members. If you tap Edit team, you’ll be able to access a wide range of options: alt

You’ll be able to change the team name and description, its visibility to non-members and privacy settings.

We hope you enjoy using medCrowd on the mobile app. What medCrowd feature do you enjoy the most? What do you think makes medCrowd special? Let us know!

by Asimnina Pantazi, Senior Scientific Advisor, medDigital