medCrowd feature update: mentioning users and quoting messages

7th January 2019 by Asimina Pantazi

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to follow complex Conversations with large Teams. Plenty of opinions and ideas are being shared at once, and it may be hard to keep track of each other’s responses.
This is why at medCrowd we have created two ways to help you directly interact with single members within the same Conversation: you can either mention the username of the Team member, or quote their message when you respond to them.

Mentioning (commonly known as “tagging”) one of your colleagues from a Team, is a great way to loop them in a Conversation or talk to them directly. By typing @ followed by their username, they will automatically receive a notification letting them know their name has been mentioned.alt Even if they have muted all notifications for that particular Conversation, they will still be informed!

Quoting a message is ideal if you want to respond to a specific comment, or follow up on someone’s point. In order to do this, just select the grey arrowon any message you would like to reply to and this will let you link your comment to that message.
Think of this as a way to thread responses with one another or highlight specific messages in the Conversation. If you click on any message belonging to a single thread, medCrowd will take you right back up to that point in the conversation.
This feature could also be useful if you’d like to add something to your own message, for example a later addendum.

Both features are specifically designed to help ensure HCPs do not miss key Conversations that matter to them and to their patients.