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8th August 2017 by Tea Meneghetti

WhatsApp, Messaging Apps and the future of Digital Health in the UK

Lloyd Price, Healthcare Digital, 28th May 2018

Jeremy Hunt backs calls for ‘WhatsApp-style’ messaging app for NHS staff

Owen Hughes, Digital Health, 1st May 2018

WhatsApp-style message system could drive NHS into digital age

Edward Malnick, The Telegraph, 29th April 2018

WHATSAPP DOC: Cancer patients to update doctors on condition through WhatsApp-style service

Ryan Sabey, The Sun, 29th April 2018

Information Governance Alliance drafts guidelines for instant messaging use

Hannah Crouch, Digital Health, 2nd March 2018

NHS England shifts stance on sharing patient records over WhatsApp

Ben Heather, HSJ, 1st March 2018

Brexit could turn the digital talent tide back towards Europe – how can we keep Britain innovating?

Felix Jackson, HSJ, 27th October 2017

Brexit ‘will harm digital revolution in hospitals'

Ross Lydall, Evening Standard, 23rd October 2017

Why we should all be worried about information governance compliance in UK health and care?

Felix Jackson, Huffington Post, 20th July 2017

Felix discusses what compliance is and the risks of using non-compliant technology.

medCrowd on Breakfast on BBC Surrey

Felix Jackson talking to James Cannon, 10th July 2017

Felix discusses why the increased use of WhatsApp by doctors is a risk to patient data.

Use of WhatsApp in NHS ‘widespread’ say doctors

Jane Wakefield, BBC Technology Reporter, 6th July 2017

Doctors and nurses are using WhatsApp and Snapchat to share information about patients "across the NHS", health professionals have told the BBC. Felix discusses how use of WhatsApp is against the law and risks revealing confidential data.

Let’s get real about what’s up with WhatsApp in the NHS

Felix Jackson, HSJ 3rd July 2017

You can’t blame staff for using commonly available apps to communicate – but they pose risks to patient confidentiality, argues Felix Jackson, who calls for leaders to introduce compliant technology.

Should doctors use WhatsApp to bypass archaic NHS tech?

Georgina Gould, Junior Doctor, 5th June 2017

Georgina Gould explains why doctors use WhatsApp and the need for a compliant alternative.

Whatsapp Doc? NHS failure to update cold war era tech forcing medics to use unsafe apps to help save lives.

Felix Jackson, Huffington Post, 19th May 2017

Felix looks into large-scale ransomware cyber-attack suffered by the NHS.

Whatsapp doc with instant messaging?

Felix Jackson, Digital Health, 25th April 2017

Instant messaging platforms, particularly Whatsapp, are widely used by doctors and clinical teams for quick and easy communications, but they are not compliant with NHS information governance requirements.