medCrowd | Our Inspiring Story

21st March 2017 by Dr Felix Jackson

I am Dr Felix Jackson. I trained as a medical student in London, South Africa, and China, and worked as a junior doctor at the Royal London, Homerton and Whipps Cross hospitals, ending up working very happily in Anaesthetics at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Within all these different organisations, I was constantly impressed by the way health and care teams work together.

But along the way, I started to notice that there was a disconnect between the world-class calibre of these health and care teams and the technology available to assist them in working together effectively and compliantly. While people and patients outside of the health and care sector can drive innovation in the Information Age, all too often health and care teams have been left working in the Dark Ages. I wanted to change that, and I met others who did, too.

Our inspiring team hail from many different backgrounds, from technical experts and web developers, to pharmacists, and scientists. We are united in our desire to give health and care workers the best technology, to make their lives easier at work, and to enable them to do their jobs even better.

So, we spent years testing and iterating cutting-edge digital technologies to bring you medCrowd, a compliant messenger. We believe that medCrowd is the essential messaging technology for health and care teams to use at work.

We know that health and care workers are incredibly busy. They work ceaselessly. We also know that they are turning to consumer technologies like WhatsApp and Facebook Groups to have professional conversations. And we know that they know that they shouldn't be using these technologies at work because they are not compliant for conversations that include confidential patient information.

But what if they didn't have to use these non-compliant technologies? What if they could use a technology that was better? A technology built for healthcare, compliant for confidential patient information? A technology that enables them to work together across different organisations to give every patient the best care?

Well, we now have that technology, and it's called medCrowd.

So join medCrowd today and take your professional conversations to a better place.