medCrowd’s 1st birthday: a showcase to remember

2nd June 2018 by Yvonne Adebola

One year on from creating the instant messenger for health and care, we celebrated our first birthday showcasing various advances in digital health in the heart of London!

It was a lively and well attended celebration with stimulating talks and exhibitions from leaders across digital health:

“New technology requires a new paradigm for research.”

Keith Grimes, Dr Digital Healthcare Consultant discussed how healthcare needs to respond to the widening gap between consumer and health technologies.

He expounded on the pressures the NHS is facing; how doctors expect to be able to use technology at work that is at least as good as the technology at home, stating that if we don’t handle this pressure well we will respond with risk. This may include using messaging technologies such as WhatsApp for confidential health and care communications.

He also emphasised the importance of training the next generation of healthcare workers and recognising and supporting innovators in the NHS and beyond who are working to effect change.

“If it helps the patient it helps the patient. End of story."

Dr Partha Kar, Consultant delivered an engaging talk about the potential of digital technology to improve diabetes care through education and out of hour’s interaction with fellow professionals.

He shared information about an endeavour involving digital providers to increase patient’s participation in their diabetes education programme. He also shared details about a novel technology where patient blood glucose levels can be measured effectively without standard finger-prick testing and the challenges he faced getting it rolled out nationally.

But overall, his passion for helping patients with technology has allowed him to overcome barriers and roll out transformative technologies across many parts of the NHS.

“We’re building capacity in individuals so they don’t get to the point of crisis.”

Dr Vikesh Sharma, GP Partner, The Grantham Practice spoke about his clinical work in Lambeth, a highly multi-cultural area, addressing the wider determinants of health in Portuguese speaking populations.

Him and his team have constructed the holistic assessment, partnering with local housing departments, social authorities and charities to build resilience in patients. medCrowd has been selected as their technology for their pilot programme of joint holistic assessments on patients.

They are hoping to use care coordination to help their most vulnerable patients avoid crisis situations where they end up needing more dramatic healthcare interventions.

“We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.”

• Ben Lyons, Business Development Support Manager, NMS Infrastructure discussed their exciting project in collaboration with the Zambian ministry of health, to build hospitals and rural health centres. This comes after successes in Ghana, where their Ghana Hospitals Project was awarded Outstanding International Architecture project.

NMS Infrastructure focuses on delivering solutions around end user needs in a range of sectors from healthcare to education to technology. Their core geographical areas of activity are in the UK, Africa and The Middle East.

They will be rolling out medCrowd technology across their sites in Zambia, due to medCrowd’s compliance for private medical information.

We would like to thank our speakers, as well as Journalista, Digital Health London and their accelerator, Vysion 360, Health Poverty Action and Owlett for showcasing their advances in Digital Health.

The birth of medCrowd

medCrowd was born out of a need for compliant user-friendly technology so that everyone can receive the best care. We are so pleased to celebrate one year working towards this, and we look forward to many more years to come.

“We do not need to be disrupted by digital health, we can evolve with it!” – Dr Felix Jackson, Founder and Medical Director of medCrowd