medDigital joins the ABPI!

19th March 2019 by Asimina Pantazi

alt Last week, great news was announced in our office at Southbank, London: medDigital is now a general affiliate member of the ABPI!

The ABPI, or the Association for the British Pharmaceutical Industry, engages with the government, the NHS, industry and academia to bring leading-edge treatments and technologies to patients, whilst maintaining the UK’s global leadership in the life sciences.

So, what does this mean for medDigital?

This achievement is a representation of medDigital’s core values, one of which is to be compliant. The ABPI produces the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, or, the “Code”, which regulates the promotion of prescription medicines to healthcare professionals and other relevant decision makers. The Code also sets the standards for information made available to the public. Knowing that we have been reviewed and selected by the ABPI Board is confirmation that we are a bona fide company that aligns with and contributes to the ABPI’s work. Furthermore, this achievement recognises that medCrowd, medDigital’s instant messenger for health and care, protects confidential information to the required standards, unlike other popular applications.

Joining the ABPI provides the opportunity to expand our collaborations with other industry members and participate in several initiatives. For example, medDigital would be able to contribute to the evolution of the ABPI Code by joining ABPI events and the compliance ABPI network. This would support the application of the ABPI’s regulations in the medical digital landscape. Collaboration is another key value of medDigital that will be further strengthened by this membership.

And what does this news mean for our clients?

medDigital joining the ABPI as an affiliate member establishes the team as experts in applying the Code in their work and activities. Therefore, clients can ensure they make compliant use of digital by working with scientific specialists that absolutely subscribe to the Code principles and are being supported and regularly updated by the ABPI consortium. Clients can feel confident when using medCrowd, more than ever before, that information is always kept secure and protected. Moreover, since digital is a fast-evolving environment, medDigital joining the ABPI that governs digital activities establishes us as professionals with a high level of Code understanding around digital and excellent agile skills.

Watch this video to hear from medDigital Founder and Medical Director Dr Felix Jackson why this achievement is important!