NHS IG Toolkit Compliance, ISO27001 and medCrowd

27th March 2017 by Dr Felix Jackson

The security of information is our highest priority. We don't believe in security through obscurity and so aim to be transparent about the standards we maintain to protect data.

medCrowd is for professional use by health and care teams all over the world and it is compliant with the NHS Commercial Third Party Information Governance, HIPAA, UK Data Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation.

The NHS Information Governance Toolkit is a UK Department of Health (DH) Policy delivery vehicle that NHS Digital is commissioned to develop and maintain. It draws together the legal rules and central guidance set out by DH policy and presents them in in a single standard as a set of information governance requirements. Organisations, like medDigital the developers of medCrowd, are required to carry out self-assessments of their compliance against the IG requirements.

We are please to announce that medDigital, and therefore our technology medCrowd, has achieved Level 2 compliance with the latest version (v14) of the NHS Commercial Third Party IG Toolkit requirements.

We have also implemented the ISO27001 specifications as an even higher standard, and are in the process of securing certification.

We believe that securing these certifications demonstrates our absolute commitment to protecting confidential data to the required standards.

Please just get in touch if you'd like to find out more.