Outage planned at 23:00 (UK time) tonight!

16th April 2018 by Dr Felix Jackson

Our tech team having been working incredibly hard over the last few months on another suite of features that have been requested by you (more info to follow in the next blog post tomorrow).

So, we're now in a position to release them into the wild world tonight. The release will happen at 23:00 London time in the UK, which is 23:00 British Summer Time (BST) or Coordinated Universal Time +1 (UTC+1).

The outage might be for 15 minutes or take a few hours depending on the database changes needed, so we'd like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

After the updates have happened please watch out for any unexpected behaviour online or in the apps, and report anything you are concerned about to support@medDigital.com.