The Digital Catapult and Intelligent Patient Data

3rd July 2017 by Dr Felix Jackson

The Digital Catapult ran another fascinating event on 27th June last week. I had the opportunity to join a broad range of speakers from different backgrounds to exploring the opportunities and challenges of applying machine learning & AI to patient and consumer health data at the Digital Catapult's Intelligent Patient Data Conference

I was invited to champion the clinicians perspective which I chose to hang of key points that I shared as tweets.

Literacy rates in UK are only 99% so over 500,000 adults are illiterate. @DigiCatapult #DigitalHealth

— Felix Jackson (@felixjackson) June 27, 2017

— Felix Jackson (@felixjackson) June 27, 2017

My intention was to show that although patients want their data kept confidential, many of the people who use healthcare services the most are not aware of the intricacies of how their data actually needs to be protected.

Combined with the major issues facing the NHS, there is now a very heavy onus on the front-line health and care workers to use compliant technology and ensure confidential data is protected.